Jean-Marie Picard, engraver-artist

20 years of experience

As a self-taught artist, Jean-Marie Picard achieved exceptional mastery of wood engraving. The finesse of his work and his mastery of the various techniques, allow him to truthfully recreate the artist’s work.


Jean-Marie Picard

Wood engraving

The blackline method

With dexterity and sensitivity, Jean-Marie Picard carves the block by blacklining the drawing (in relief), without touching the original line. This relief will be inked and not the hollows, which is why we talk about relief printing.


Precision work

Wood engraving is about gesture, beauty, and quality. Wood is engraved using a chisel. The tool digs, carves, and hollows the matter with great precision to give relief to the artist’s work.

Jean-Marie Picard working on a drawing by Hervé Di Rosa.

Jean-Marie Picard travaillant sur un dessin d’Hervé Di Rosa


Jean-Marie Picard